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Welcome to Serra Salon - Slimming & Weight Loss.

At Serra Salon we offer clients a holistic approach to slimming & weight loss.  By utilising both the latest in technology as well as personalised & results-driven programs.

We are able to offer you solutions based on your needs, medical conditions/history, lifestyle habits and preferences. 


The intelligent alternative to liposuction!
No pain...
No needles...
No downtime...

TLC For-Weight-Loss-Wellbeing
Healthy eating plans based on your own unique profile!
No pills...
No shakes...
No injections...

FIR SAUNA Body Shaping System - "BodyMelt"
Deep heat therapy
Burns calories
Relieves pain
Weight loss & reduces cellulite

Biominceur Slimming Shape Wrap
Reduces cellulite & centimetres
Enhances weight loss
Reduces "orange peel" skin
Slims, firms & tones
Fights stubborn fat deposits
Eliminates Toxins

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